Saturday, July 14, 2007

Easy Rider

This? Is awesome:

No, not the husband, although he is pretty awesome, if a bit girly riding my bicycle.

It's a Wee-Ride: a front-mounted child's bicycle seat. Toss your kid in and go!

I can't even find the words to express how awesome this is. WonderBaby took to it like she was born to ride: she didn't squeal, she didn't scream, she just smiled contentedly as we sped down our street and through alleys and across parks. This - she seemed to be saying - is how we're supposed to roll.

And roll we did. Freed from the bulk of the stroller (even the feather-light Maclaren Volo, which I love, is just one more thing to push around) we zipped casually around our neighbourhood, exploring side-streets and alleyways and mysterious dead-ends. It was fun, and it was exercise (fun exercise!), and it renewed my love for my sweet little buttercup bicycle, which has been languishing in our shed since my pregnancy. The Wee-Ride seat lets me include WonderBaby in what used to be one of my favourite activities.

Ah, summer. So much the better when viewed from between the handlebars.

(For what it's worth, we purchased the Wee-Ride ourselves - it was not sent to us for review.)


Anonymous said...

What a pretty bike!! I fell in love with a pastel blue bike that had hibiscus stenciled on the bar, but it was too expensive. My husband bought me a huffy, and promised if I really liked to ride it he'd buy me the pretty bike. I didn't ride it much.

I bet I would ride a pretty bike. ;)

Her Bad Mother said...

Dude. You would so ride a pretty bike. I fell in love with riding specifically *because* it is a pretty bike. There's even a little wicker basket (not shown) and I can ride around the city in skirts collecting baguettes and flowers.

It's ALL about the pretty ;)

Ann(ie) said...

oooooooooooooh! I love the wee ride.