Monday, May 14, 2007

Pretty. Simple.

I have never wanted to be an Ivory Girl. I've never really been able to pull off that fresh-faced, well-scrubbed, pink-cheeked look, largely because I've spent most of my life dressed in black with my hair dyed several shades darker and redder than it is naturally and cut into a more or less severe bob. Shirley Manson has long been much more my aesthetic speed than Jessica Simpson.

Then I had a baby, and discovered that spit-up really stands out on black and that it's a bit harder to get to Vidal Sassoon for bob upkeep when you're on baby duty 'round the clock. So I had to simplify my look.

So it was that when a representative from Ivory contacted me about doing a quote-unquote makeUNDER as part of their Low Maintenance Revolution promotion (which includes a contest to win a makeunder), I really had to laugh. Really. Like, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Because, really, who needs to be made under less than a new mom? A new mom who rarely pauses to even put on lipstick anymore, and considers herself groomed if she brushed her hair. One's look just doesn't get any more low-maintenance than bare face, unkempt hair and yoga pants.

But they insisted, so I went for it. Hell, I could use a haircut. And if it was going to be a low-maintenance haircut, all the better. I can barely remember how to use the flat iron anymore.

Which is not so good, because after this haircut, I need it more than ever.

To be fair, it's a good haircut. It's still a bob, which is important, because I'm not so good with change, and it's short, which is generally easier to care for, but there's this funky flippy part at the front that I will NEVER be able to reproduce in the comfort of my own bathroom. It's not exactly low-maintenance. Nor was the make-up that they put on me as part of the makeunder - in particular the eyebrow powder (apparently I need to darken my eyebrows for maximum eye impact). It looked really good - if a bit more 'done't han what I'm used - but who has time (and steady hands) to put on eyebrow make-up when a toddler is climbing your leg? (The make-up artist said that the whole routine would take me less than ten minutes, but that assumes that a) I know what I'm doing with an eyebrow brush and b) that I care about the eyebrow brush.)

So it wasn't exactly a makeunder. But it was still pretty cool. And I can totally get behind the idea of reducing one's beauty routine to a few simple steps so as to save time for a totally chilled-out bath or shower. And when I got home that afternoon and ran the bath and poured in, like, a pint of the Ivory WaterLily shower/bath foamy stuff that they gave me... that was nice. Really nice. (WonderBaby, I should say, luuurved - LUUURVED - the WaterLily shower/bath stuff. 'MORE MORE MORE!!!' It pours out like opalescent syrup and pools up in your hand before you suds it up into a fistful of bubbles. Toddler heaven. But she can't have it - it's mine.)

Anyway. What matters is, I look good. And I - and WonderBaby - smell really, really nice. And maybe it's about time I reacquainted myself with that flat iron.


Lawyer Mama said...

Adorable hair cut, but we can't really see the rest of your make-under with that camera in the way!

bubandpie said...

Oooh, just like on What Not to Wear! (The make-up lesson is always my favourite part of that show.) The hair-cut looks fabulous. Love it!

gingajoy said...

that's a seriously nice haircut. it looks all swingy and shit. where do i sign up for free makoever? screw reviewing hand sanitizer. I WANT GOOD HAIR!

Jenifer said...

I so love What Not to Wear too, but now you don't need to go! I like your hair like that, it looks approachable...I have always been a little afraid of those severe-bob people.

Bon said...

i love the hair and think you look fetching.

so what if you can't recreate it? hats, my friend. hats. godsend.

you at least have one picture of you with truly funky locks...just blow it up to 8x10 and tape it under your hat, with eye holes.

ewe are here said...

Love the hair! I wish my bob would fluff up a bit more; it always looks so flat after an hour.

kittenpie said...

That is a totally cute hair cut! But I'm with you - I don't know how to operate hair and makeup gizmos and really, who has the time anyhow? I'd rather eat breakfast.

Elizabeth said...

From what I can see, it looks really cute! Your eyebrows look different but it's hard to tell. Hurry up and get back, HBF, and take your wife's photo for us! (Is he really mushing with Huskies? Dude.)

crazymumma said...

I love my flat iron. love it.

Redneck Mommy said...

Yer such a hottie.

I'll pinch yer bum, anytime hon. With or without the eyebrow makeup.