Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Because I Know You Really Wanna Know What I Think

... about all of the STUFF that we have to wade through in figuring out just what it is, exactly, that is going to make our lives better. Can we buy our way to better parenthood? TO HAPPINESS?


I'm dedicating myself, here, to the task of exploring just how far our credit cards (and/OR - three cheers for that OR - our craftiness, our co-operativeness, our deft hands at bartering) can take us in this game of parenthood. Which is just a precious way of saying - HERE BE PRODUCT REVIEWS AND ASSORTED MERCENARY MISCELLANY.


Kyla said...

Bring it on!

eastcoastelle said...

Excellent! I am most looking forward to this new endevour of yours.

rachel said...

I am in fact very interested in your reviews, and not just of baby products. I've been a devoted reader since I stumbled across your truly brilliant post about Barthes and Grover (I had just taught The Monster at the End of the Book to a Dangerous Reading undergraduate class) and want you to tell me what grown-up books.products to read too!